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Michelle Masciola

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Coach Michelle has been coaching for over twenty years; Originally from New Hampshire and a gymnast from New Hampshire, she moved to Illinois in 1996. Her dream has always been to open her own gym someday, and after several years of hard work and a passion for coaching, her dream has become a reality. For the past three years Coach Michelle has been running her own gymnastics program and working as a contractor to coach classes at several different park districts. After three years at the park districts, and establishing her clientele, and coaching well over two hundred students, she has decided to open her own doors. Anyone who knows Coach Michelle or has seen her in action can surely see her enthusiasm, passion and her bubbly personality that gets the kids motivated and eager to learn. A lot of Coach Michelle’s success has come from being able to look at each child as an individual and seeing his or her strengths and weakness and coach from there. “Tumbling and Gymnastics call for mental as well as physical discipline; self confidence and self esteem play a large role and not every child learns the same way. As their coach it’s my job to know when I can push them mentally and when I need to try a different approach. Coaches from the beginning shape a child’s way of learning and thinking, so it’s important to stay positive and coach them with positive reinforcement. It’s my belief that children learn better when they want to make someone proud including themselves.”

_edited_lilly-on-the-barsCoach Michelle coaches a variety of levels and she wanted to open up a Recreational gymnastics facility. With experience in the competitive levels, her passion remains with the recreational tumbling and gymnastics. She wanted a gym where there was no pressure of competitions and wanting a gym that could still coach advanced levels, for some kids who just want to tumble because they love it and don’t want to compete. Because of Coach Michelle’s experience with the competitive side, when she does see talent, she lets the parents know, and it is up to the parents if to decide if they want to take the competitive approach. Coach Michelle reiterates,” It’s always about the child at the end of the day and what is best for them.” Coach Michelle coaches several cheerleaders, dancers and competitive gymnasts that want to work primarily with their tumbling skills.

Coach Michelle wanted a gym that felt like a family, where when you walk in the doors you can feel that positive energy and positive approach in the coaching styles and the positive inspirational sayings you will find all over her gym. “Not every child will be a gymnast, but every child can enjoy the sport and gain not only physical strength but also build confidence and self esteem which are essential for any child.” With her knowledge and her enthusiasm, the love of the sport shows through her coaching style. “My greatest joy is to help a child achieve his or her goal and help a child build confidence and self esteem- when they achieve a tumbling skill they didn’t think they could do, and I witness that smile of accomplishment, it makes everything I do mean that much more.”

Not only does Coach Michelle own her own tumbling and gymnastics gym, she is a busy single mom of two beautiful daughters’ and volunteers frequently at her daughter’s school. On her free time, she enjoys mostly spending time with her daughters and working out.